Moonsun India Grill

Moonsun India Grill Menu

Our Moonsun Appetizers

Vegetable Samosa 8 – Savory pastry filled with seasoned potato and fried to perfection. 2 pcs

Meat Samosas 10 – Golden brown flaky pastry filled with seasoned ground beef. 2 pcs.

Samosa Chaat 12 – Samosa mixed with garbanzo beans, homemade yogurt, onion, chutney and sprinkled with light herbs.

Vegetable Pakoras 8 – Seasoned mixed vegetable fritters coated with chickpea batter, fired to perfection.

Paneer Pakoras 12 – Homemade cheese cubes coated in chickpea batter, fried to perfection

Aloo Tikki 12 – Herb infused, golden fried seasoned potatoe patties, mixed with garbanzo beans, yogurt, mint & tamarind.

Gobi Manchurian 14 – Cauliflower florets fried to perfection infused with sweet and sour garlic house Manchurian sauce.

Paneer Chili 15 – Homemade soft cheese sauteed with fresh garlic, onion and bell peppers Simmered in soy-based house sauce.

Curried Mussels 18 – Enjoy these steamed mussels simmered in delicious creamy garlic soy sauce. Garlic Naan recommended!

Fish Pakoras 14 – Thin fish strips coated in chickpea batter and fried to perfection.

Fish Chill 16 – Lightly battered fish sauteed with fresh bell pepper onion and tomato in our signature chili sauce.

Gorkha Chicken Chili 16 – Chicken sauteed with fresh bell peppers and onion in our signature chili sauce. Popular street item from Nepal.

Chicken Pakoras 12 – Thin chicken strips coated in chickpea batter and fried to perfection. Served with special mango chutney.

Fresh Hummus with Garlic Naan 15 – House made hummus with fresh herbed garlic Naan. Perfect combination.

Moonsun Soups and Salad

Daal Soup 6 – Lightly spiced lentils soup topped with herb and spices

Punjabi Salad 8 – Cucumber, Tomato, Jalapeño & Onion topped with squeezed lemon and chaat masala

Sadeko Badam 12 – Roasted peanuts mixed with onions garlic cilantro and mustard dressing

Romain Green Salad 12

Chicken Entrees – Served with Basmati Rice

Chicken Tikka Masala 21 – Modern Chicken entrée prepared in tomato butter creamy sauce.

Butter Chicken 21 – Modern Chicken entrée prepared in tomato butter creamy sauce.

Chicken Korma 21 – Chicken prepared in creamy cashew curried sauce and seasoned with herbs.

Mango Chicken 21 – Chicken sauteed in crackling fresh herbs and simmered in mango curry sauce.

Chicken Coconut 21 – Chicken prepared in delicious combination of coconut milk, fresh herbs and spices.

Kastoori Chicken 21 – Tender chicken prepared in a creamy fenugreek sauce and homemade specialty sauce.

Creamy Garlic Chicken Curry 21 – Garlic creamy chicken with a touch of soy sauce.

Chicken Rogan Josh 21 – Chicken in onion‐based curry sauce simmered with fresh tomatoes, cilantro, garlic and ginger.

Chicken Palak 21 – Chicken pieces in curry-based spinach sauce.

Lohori Murg Cholay 21 – Popular in Lahore this chicken curry is simmered in curry sauce with garbanzo beans.

Chicken Vindaloo 21 – Originated from Mumbai, this zesty curry is cooked in tangy sauce of vinegar, ginger and potatoes.

Chicken Karahi 21 – Chicken Sauteed in garlic ginger onion and bell peppers. Specially prepared in Kadai (iron work).

Gorkha Kukura ko Masu 21 – Traditional Himalayan style chicken curry.

Majestic Chicken 21 – Bite size chicken sauteed with garlic, ginger and dry pepper. Simmered in thick rich, creamy-sweet sauce.

Chicken Creamy Garlic Mushroom 22 – Chicken prepared with fresh mushrooms in our chef’s special garlic sauce.

Murg Bahar 22 – Chicken, spinach, mushroom and shredded paneer cooked in a smooth cashew in creamy sauce.

Afghani Chicken 22 – Mild flavored Chicken in creamy herb nuts sauce, mixed with raisins and cherries.

Lamb Entrees – Served with Basmati Rice

Lamb Tikka Masala 22 – Lamb prepared in tomato butter creamy sauce.

Lamb Rojan Josh 22 – Lamb cubes cooked in fresh tomatoes, onion, cilantro, garlic & ginger herb curry sauce.

Lamb Vindaloo 22 – Lamb cubes cooked in tangy zesty sauce of vinegar, ginger and potatoes.

Lamb Palak 22 – Lamb cooked in spinach gravy & finished with garlic cream.

Lamb Kadahi 22 – Lamb sauteed in garlic, ginger onion and bell peppers. Served in iron dish.

Lamb Coconut 22 – Tender Lamb slow cooked in coconut cream ginger, garlic and herbs.

Lamb Korma 22 – Lamb simmered in cashew curry sauce with garlic, ginger and spices.

Kastoori Lamb 22 – Lamb cooked with fenugreek leaves and saffron. Our own creamy creation.

Lamb Curry 22 – Traditional Lamb Curry cooked in fresh onions and garlic seasoned with our own curry powder and herbs.

Rice Dishes

Chicken Biryani 24 – Chicken cooked with herbs and basmati rice in a garlic ginger & onion sauce.

Lamb Biryani 25 – Succulent pieces of lamb cooked in herbs, basmati rice, ginger & garlic.

Shrimp Biryani 25 – Fresh Shrimp infused with herb sauce and mixed with basmati rice.

Vegetable Biryani 20 – Mixed vegetables mixed with Basmati rice and herbed curry sauce.

Pulao Rice 10 – Slightly ghee pan fried rice with peas, raisins and cashews with a hint of turmeric.

Hyderabad Chili Rice 15 – Basmati Rice cooked with tempered red dry chili, mustard seeds, peanuts, fenugreek seeds and curry leaves.

Plain Rice 5 – Steamed Basmati Rice.

Vegetable Entrees – Served with Basmati Rice

Daal Tadka 18 – Yellow Lentils cooked with crackled cumin, fresh garlic, ginger onions and tomatoes.

Palak Paneer 18 – Cubed cheese simmered with creamed spinach, mustard greens, ginger garlic curry sauce.

Aloo Chole 18 – Garbanzo beans & potato cubes, cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, coriander and tomatoes.

Kauli aloo ko Tarkari 18 – Braised potatoes and cauliflower cooked with cumin seeds, fresh tomatoes, onion, garlic and ginger.

Shahi Paneer 18 – Homemade cottage cheese crumbled and simmered in rich tomato butter cream curry.

Paneer Tikka Masala 18 – Homemade cheese cubes simmered in rich tomato butter-cream curry sauce.

Kadahi Paneer 18 – Paneer cooked in kadai sauce with onions and bell peppers.

Kashmiri Kofta 18 – Handmade vegetable and cheese dumplings simmered in tomato cashew cream sauce.

Veg Korma 18 – Vegetable sautéed in rich cashew sauce, garlic-ginger and onion sauce.

Mutter Paneer 18 – Paneer cubes and fresh peas simmered in tomato butter cream sauce with herbs and spices.

Vegetable Kadahi 18 – Vegetables sautéed in garlic, ginger, onion and bell peppers. Specially prepared in kadahi iron wok.

Mushroom Do Pyaja 18 – Fresh mushrooms and onions prepared in zesty onion sauce with garlic, ginger and mild herbs.

Fire Roasted Eggplant Bharta 18 – Roasted and pureed eggplant sautéed with fresh ginger, garlic, onion, tomato and cilantro finished with cream.

Daal Makhni 18 – Lentils cooked with herbs and spices and finished with cream sauce.

Aloo Palak 18 – Potatoes simmered in Spinach Sauce with onion curry with garlic ginger and spices.

Creamy Garlic Mushroom 18 – Mushroom cooked in Chef’s special garlic creamy sauce.

Mutter Mushroom 18 – Mushroom and peas cooked in onion, tomato gravy and spices.

Mushroom Butter Masala 18 – Mushrooms cooked in Chef’s special butter masala sauce.

Side Orders From the Moonsun Grill

Raita 6 – Papudum 4 – Pieces 6
Mango Chutney 6 – Tikka Masala Sauce 14
Tamarind Chutney 6 – Mint Chutney 6

Seafood Entrees – Served with Basmati Rice

Salmon Goa Curry 25 – Fish curry made in coconut cream & sautéed with curry leaves and mustard seed. Tropical Goa Special.

Goa Shrimp Curry 23 – Crackled with curry leaves and mustard seeds this is a traditional dish from Tropical Goa.

Shrimp Tikka Masala 23 – Shrimp prepared in tomato butter creamy sauce topped with herbs.

Salmon Tikka Masala 25 – Salmon cubes cooked in tomato butter creamy sauce.

Shrimp Rogan Josh 23 – Shrimp cooked in fresh tomatoes, onion, cilantro, garlic & ginger herb curry sauce.

Shrimp Palak 23 – Shrimp cooked in creamy spinach sauce with garlic, ginger and herbs.

Nepali Style Machha ko Tarkari 23 – Himalayan fish curry popular in Himalayan region of India & Nepal.

Mango Shrimp 23 – Shrimp cooked in creamy herb Mango Sauce.

Butter Garlic Shrimp 23 – Shrimp cooked in chef’s special butter garlic savory sauce.

Tandoori Clay Oven – Served with Rice

Tandoori Chicken 25 – Savory marinated chicken roasted in our clay oven and served in hot Platter.

Bombay Chicken Tikka 25 – Boneless chicken marinated in herbs and yogurt sauce. Clay oven delicacy.

Grill Salmon 30 – Salmon fillet marinated with lemon, garlic, butter & herbs. Grill Special.

Paneer Tikka 30 – Cubes of homemade cheese marinated and cooked in clay oven.

Traditional Tandoori Naan – Fresh from our clay oven

Plain Naan 5

Garlic Basil Naan 6

Stuffed Potato Naan 9

Stuffed Onion Kulcha 9

Stuffed Paneer Naan 9

Stuffed Jalapeño Naan 9

Stuffed Parmesan Cheese Naan 9

Butter Laccha Paratha 10

Stuffed Spinach Naan 9

Stuffed Spinach Paneer Naan 10

Stuffed Kabuli Naan 9

Sesame topped Roghni Butter Naan 8

Stuffed Amritsari Kulcha 13

Stuffed Chicken Naan 10

Roti 5


Cashew Halwa 8
Pistachio Mango Ice Cream 10
Rice Pudding 8
Gulab Jamun 8
Jamun Kheer 10

Drinks – Full bar and special drinks available; ask your server for our full list.

** All prices subject to change please ask your server when ordering for actual pricing. **